I Love You, Cabo

Let me count the ways:

1.) You make the brightest, reddest, tastiest chorizo I’ve ever met. It was my breakfast staple each and every morning. With eggs. Delicious too, I might add.

Don’t mind the rebellious chorizo chunk to the right. He just wants attention.

2.) And the coffee. Oh, the coffee. It was so smooth and mild with just a smidge of milk and two sugar cubes (I couldn’t find any regular bags of sugar at the market. I felt very European dropping the little crystalline gems into my cup. Too cool.).

3.) Tuna carpaccio was out of this world. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and dolled up with capers, basil, and shallots, it was perfection on a plate. So fresh and so delicious. Couldn’t get enough of this.

4.) The beer! Ice cold beer.

Always. 2 x 1.

5.) The margaritas! Only the best, on the rocks, and salted. I wasn’t a huge fan of margaritas up until last week when I had the best one of my life. Smooth, not too sour, not too sweet, nice feathery-soft shards of salt. It was awesome. I still dream about it.

6.) Limes were tiny, cute, inexpensive, and juicy. I love the approach they use to cutting the limes — not through the middle like we do in the States, but cutting along the sides and reserving the center for juicing later. The result: easy to squeeze lime portions that won’t squirt juice into your eye or your neighbors’.

7.) Tortilla soup is sublime. Especially at La Guadalupana Cantina in Cabo. The soup has so much depth of flavor, it just about knocks your socks off. They top it with crunchy golden tortilla strands, beautiful, buttery avocado slices, and a gorgeous slew of melty cheese. Heaven. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to eat it this time around. Every time we drove there it was closed. We’ve heard rumors that it may be shutting down for good. I’m so sad.

8.) The seafood is fresh and abundant. The shrimp were humungo and the fish was tender and flaky. So good with tacos on the beach. With a couple of beers.

9.) Queso fundido. Basically, melted cheese in a big casserole dish. We had it topped with two kinds of chorizo — one was red, the other was green. Tasted exactly the same. I think the green one was doused in food dye or something. :-p In either case, it was so good. We smushed it between freshly made corn tortillas and ate it with hot sauce and salsa fresca. I can still taste the soft chewy creaminess of the cheese in my mouth.

I’m so hungry now.

Until next time, Cabo. See you in March 2011.



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  • Island VittlesDecember 9, 2010 - 10:54 am

    Mexican coffee — we`ve been trying to get the same smoothness since we got back from P. Vallarta in August. I`m starting to think it`s more about someone else making it and delivering it the table than the actual brew…

    And the tuna carpaccio…had it every night, drizzled with capers and sweet pepper sauce. My mercury levels are just starting to come back down! TheresaReplyCancel

    • steph@nieDecember 12, 2010 - 4:04 pm

      Wasn’t it just absolutely delicious? So simple and fresh. Loved every bite.ReplyCancel

  • ElaineyJanuary 28, 2011 - 1:16 pm

    After reading this, getting me hungry and so much more excited to go! =)ReplyCancel

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