“Stephanie has been providing our family with healthy, delicious meals for over 5 years now. We particularly appreciate her accommodating our various dietary restrictions. We love the convenience of being able to heat up food quickly to fit family meals into our busy life.”

— Julia Owens


“Chef Steph has cooked for us every other week since 2014 and her support helps us manage two intense jobs and two active kids.  We always look forward to coming home on our cook days to find a clean kitchen, delicious food in the fridge, and leftover groceries in the pantry.  Stephanie is willing to try new things and her process is super efficient.  She brings extra joy to our daily lives and we highly recommend her services!”

— Kate Bradley


“Stephanie has been our family chef for the past few years and we couldn’t be happier!  As a working mom of three very busy kids, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to walk in the house after a busy day, put a meal in the oven and with 20 minutes be sitting down to a family dinner.  Stephanie has been great about customizing meals,  taking requests, or just plain taking charge of the weekly menu.  Stephanie has made it possible for us to sit down together as a family for healthy, delicious and stress free meals…priceless!”

– Kristin Nickodemus


“Stephanie has been preparing meals for our busy family for a few years, and we have been very happy with her personal chef services.  Stephanie’s meals are always healthy, flavorful and interesting, and often have a Peruvian influence.  On the days Stephanie cooks, she leaves the kitchen spotless and the refrigerator full of delicious meals, and the house always smells amazing.  I highly recommend Stephanie’s services!”

— Kristin Marsh


“When I had my third baby, some friends got together to get me three dinners from Stephanie. It was an amazing week of food and it began a 4 year relationship. Every other week, Stephanie came to our house and cooked three amazing meals for us — resulting in smiles and empty plates from parents and children (well, most of the time; we have picky eaters). Stephanie’s business is of the highest integrity; she buys high quality food, she is trustworthy in the home (we were often not at home when she was there), and our kitchen was perfectly clean when she left. The only reason we are not still enjoying her cooking is that we moved 2,000+ miles away. But to this day, we still cook some of our favorite dishes she used to prepare for us (and I have been tempted to ask her to cook stuff up for me when I visit so I can fly it back home). This was one of the best things we did to help us keep sane balancing a dual-career family with three small kids. It was worth every penny and likely was cost effective as we didn’t go out to eat as much or buy spur of the moment items.”

— Angie Fagerlin


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