Potato Omelette with White Truffle Oil

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Potato Omelette


One of the best satisfactions in life is making a delicious, one-of-a-kind meal using the odds and ends ingredients leftover in your fridge. I always seem to have roasted potatoes on hand, eggs, onions. And this morning while I mused about what to fix for breakfast, I remembered a recipe I came across in Laura Calder’s cookbook, French Food at Home, a couple days ago and set about excitedly to whip it up.

I adore these kinds of recipes, the ones that are stellar as written but are the basis for ingenuity and resourcefulness– you can pretty much use whatever ingredients are at your disposal at the time and the results will almost always be wonderful. This potato omelette was effortless to prepare, and a joy to bring together on a lazy, Norah Jones-filled morning. Per Laura, I used bacon as my savory choice of meat, but pancetta, smoked ham, hell, even smoked salmon or whitefish would be great. Play around with herbs, as I think tarragon and chive might be nice here too.



Potato Omelette



// Gimme more potatoes!




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