Crispy Smoked Salmon Burger, Whipped Dill Cream Cheese, Cucumber-Shallot Relish + Onion Hamburger Bun

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Smoked Salmon Burger with Whipped Dill Cream Cheese and Cucumber Relish

Grilling season is upon us. So what better occasion to offer you guys this delicious burger recipe that you don’t in fact, have to grill at all! [slit eyes] My timing for these things is truly impeccable.

But while I may not win awards for greatest planner of the year, I can bet this smoked salmon burger would definitely lead the pack in the tasty category. This recipe was born from my desire to eat all the yummy things a lox bagel offers but in a more substantial, gratifying form. Where the lox bagel is morning, delicate, subtle. This burger is night, robust, bold. There is no hiding from flavor here.

Smoked salmon, sumptuous and buttery, is laced within the burger, balanced by the undertones of Atlantic salmon. The burgers are coated with panko and golden-ified into a crispy, crunchy, glorious patty and then sandwiched between a tangy dill-infused whipped cream cheese and bright cucumber relish. Topped with a toasty onion bun and you’ve got yourself a damn sexy burger to make all your wild breakfast-for-dinner dreams come true.


Smoked Salmon Burger




Smoked Salmon Burger


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