Melissa Clark’s Deviled Egg Salad with Anchovies and Hot Smoked Paprika + Green Beans with Walnut-Parsley Sauce

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Melissa Clark's Deviled Egg Salad + Green Beans with Walnut-Parsley Sauce


When I was in elementary school, one of the best feelings for me was opening up my brown bag lunch to discover my mom had made me an egg salad sandwich that day. I don’t know exactly how she made it or what she put in it, but man, it was always so delicious. We didn’t have much growing up. Immigrants from Peru, my parents had to start all over; learn the language, pick up low-level jobs just to pay the rent, put clothes on our backs, and send me to school. And so, for most of my school day lunches, it was usually something very modest like mayonnaise and two slices of white bread. But sometimes…sometimes, my mom would surprise me and make egg salad and it felt like a huge treat, richly opulent and extravagant. I will always remember that feeling.



Melissa Clark's Deviled Egg Salad + Green Beans with Walnut-Parsley Sauce


Fast forward thirty years and I still can’t get enough of egg salad sandwiches. About a year ago, I found a recipe for deviled egg salad from Melissa Clark. She adds anchovies to it. Anchovies. And boy, is it special. The saline pungency of the anchovies carries itself beautifully with the chopped eggs, softened by the mayonnaise. There are only a handful of things that truly cause me to close my eyes in sublime while eating, and this is one of those things. It is perfection.

You can eat this from a bowl (I do), on a slice of good, toasted bread, or as a sandwich. The original recipe only makes enough for 2 servings. I triple it so I can ensure I have enough to feast on it for several days. This egg salad gives me motivation to get up in the morning because I know what awaits me for breakfast. No shame.


Green Beans with Walnut-Parsley Sauce


The same week that I was happily noshing on deviled egg salad, I discovered this pretty awesome recipe for green beans and walnut-parsley sauce. And to my delight, it actually went very well eaten alongside it. The sauce is loud, bright, fresh. Think pesto but without cheese. It’s a cinch to make since you just tumble everything into a food processor and give it a spin. I used this to dollop over chilled green beans as intended, but it was also terrific over steak, grilled shrimp, toast, eggs. It is delicious on anything that could benefit from a pop of bold flavor.


Walnut-Parsley Sauce



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