Parmesan Salmon Fish Sticks + Lemon Aioli

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When I was 12, I’d rush home from school to eat fried fish. It was piping hot, flaky, and delicious. And of course, I’d have it with a side of ranch dressing. [feigned surprise]


Maybe it’s the nostalgia of eating crunchy fish that excites me or maybe it’s the simple fact that these are just so good. Using salmon in place of your typical cod works magically in this recipe, resulting in a fish stick that is rich, bold, and full of flavor.


And because I can’t not dip things with things, I made a lovely lemon aioli to go along with. These Parmesan salmon fish sticks are super satisfying, healthy-ish, and pretty freakin’ awesome.


Parmesan Salmon Fish Sticks + Lemon Aioli



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